EGMC Masterclass

Welcome to a world where your entrepreneurial dreams transform into reality. eCommerce Growth Masterclass (EGMC) is a bi-weekly oasis of knowledge, designed to empower you with the tools, insights, and expertise needed to succeed in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape. With EGMC, learn from the masters to become a master.


Our Unique Approach

EGMC's unique model brings together a diverse lineup of industry experts every two weeks. Gain exclusive insights from these masters and benefit from their rich experiences. Together, our collaborative model fosters an enriching learning environment, guaranteeing value that transforms your business.

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EGMC Collective

Welcome to EGMC, a vibrant alliance of industry pioneers, each carrying a treasure trove of unique experiences and insights. Our diverse knowledge landscape spans across various niches, presenting a dynamic, resourceful collective that fuels success. As you explore our esteemed panel of speakers, you'll realize that our diversity is our strength, propelling us to share transformative wisdom that sparks growth. At EGMC, we celebrate the power of variety, acknowledging it as more than just the spice of life, it's indeed our secret ingredient to success. Dive in, and discover the EGMC difference!

  • Vero

    Shopify GrandMaster

  • Jeremy Patton

    Branding Specialist

  • DJ Reese

    Corporate Event DJ

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  • Darrick Lamar

    Mindset Coach | Sales Guru

  • Liberty White

    Content Creating Guru

  • Kemisha Robinson

    Finance Consultant

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  • Troyia Monay

    Business Coach | Creator

  • Sydney Simpson

    Social Media Manger

  • Shanéy Washington

    Branding Coach

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  • Deserey Rivera

    Bookkeeper Extraordinaire

  • Coach Lucky

    Mindset Coach

  • Kelsey Franklin

    Buckets Brand, Owner

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  • Nella

    Social Media Socialite

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