How to Make your First Sale with Shopify

How to Make your First Sale with Shopify

So, you’ve opened up your Shopify store and you’re hoping to make your first sale soon. This is an exciting time and many storeowners refresh their admin area for hours hoping to see just one sale – the very first sale – happen. Eventually, you will get that first sale, but it may take some patients. Here are some of the ways that you can increase your chances of getting that first sale sooner.

Your Family & Friends

Your family and friends are going to be an invaluable marketing tool when you first launch your store. They may want to buy products from you themselves, just to support you, but more likely they’ll tell their friends and eventually someone will need something that your offering. Any sales organization will tell you that you start with your family and friends and then network from there.


Advertising used to be something that only the most successful businesses could do because it was expensive to advertise on television, radio or newspaper. But with the Internet, advertising has gotten quite a bit cheaper. You may be able to find a website that appeals directly to your customers and advertise there for a very low price. In addition, there is Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and various other low-cost methods of getting the word out there.

Deeply Discount or Give Away Products

Another method that you can use to get your first sale is to give out huge discounts. Obviously, when you make your first sale you are going to make very much money on it and in fact may lose money. However, the word will spread and you may be of the make a profit on other products that you are discounting. Giving away products doesn’t seem to make sense either but some companies set aside a certain budget for marketing and then use that to make up the cost of the items that they’re giving away. Then they advertise the free items in describe them as “for a limited time only” which usually brings quite a bit of traffic some of which may by something else.

Make Some YouTube Videos

Finally, you could make some YouTube videos. They can be advice videos or you could just be talking about how you are able to get your store off the ground. Adding links to your store may bring in traffic that will give you your for sale.

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