1. How long will it take to have my Shopify store ready?

As long as you can provide me with all the information, content, context that is necessary to complete your store, I can have your store ready to launch in a week! We can talk about what I will need from you to complete your store during our consultation appointment

2. Why Shopify?

Check out our blog 5 Reasons to Sell on Shopify.

3. Why me? 

  • I'm responsive and reliable
  • I pride myself in my customer service and offer lifetime design and functionality support
  • I have an extremely high work ethic
  • If I say I can get something done I will.
  • If I don't know, I will let you know ahead of time- research what how it's done and report back to execute or make recommendations
  • I strategically build your landing page
  • Fresh looking website
  • Your satisfaction is my ultimate goal

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