Who are Shopify’s Top Competitors?

Who are Shopify’s Top Competitors?

If you’re thinking about going with Shopify is your e-commerce platform you might be wondering about the competition and whether or not you’re choosing the right company. While it is true that Shopify is the most popular e-commerce platform out there does that mean it is the best? There are actually some pretty solid reasons to go with Shopify over the competitors that are out there. Here is what you need to know so that you can feel good about your decision.


Bigcommerce is one of the major competitors for Shopify if you’re talking about platforms that do the same thing as Shopify. The truth is, Shopify has many more internet searches than Bigcommerce. However, the site isn’t doing too badly either. While Shopify can boast almost a quarter-of-a-million merchants, BigCommerce has 100,000 or so. They are fairly easy to use and have a lot of the same features as Shopify has, plus they have about the same pricing as Shopify does. However, Shopify simply does it better things to the App Store, the terrific interface, customer service and more.




If there was ever a platform that can compete with Shopify for the features that are available it is Magento. That’s because this platform is open source and anyone can build features to work with this program. However, Magento is not a full service e-commerce platform. It does not offer the support, the security for the company standing behind it. The people designing Magento are independent programmers working together to create a great e-commerce platform but for most people, Shopify works much better.


If you are familiar with WordPress you might’ve heard of WooCommerce. This premium WordPress addition is a solid program with a great team behind it. What WooCommerce has going for it is that it works with WordPress which is one of the leading content management systems in the world.

Shopify Wins by Customer Consensus

So these programs have been around for a while and others are little newer than Shopify but what they all have in common is that while Shopify’s interest from consumers has grown exponentially the interest in the rest of these e-commerce platforms has pretty much stayed the same as it was when they first released. That’s not to say that the platforms haven’t improved – they have – but they never really took off with consumers like Shopify has.


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