PRESS RELEASE 9/2/23 - VeroCoaches to PixelNamics

PRESS RELEASE 9/2/23 - VeroCoaches to PixelNamics

Press Release


Introducing Pixelnamics: VeroCoaches Embarks on a New Chapter in Ecommerce Excellence

[Pleasanton, CA, 9/2/23] — Renowned for its Shopify expertise, VeroCoaches is thrilled to announce its transformation into Pixelnamics. This rebranding initiative marks a significant milestone in the company's journey, aligning its identity more closely with its broadened scope and commitment to ecommerce innovation.

"As VeroCoaches, we laid the foundation for ecommerce success for countless entrepreneurs and businesses," stated Vero, the visionary behind VeroCoaches and now Pixelnamics. "The transition to Pixelnamics amplifies our mission and allows us to offer an even more diverse range of services aimed at ecommerce excellence."

Beyond Shopify: A Holistic Approach to Ecommerce

While continuing to excel in Shopify store development, design, and optimization, Pixelnamics is expanding its portfolio to include Marketing Campaign Strategies. These tailored solutions aim to provide a 360-degree approach to ecommerce, covering everything from customer acquisition to long-term retention.

Leading the Charge in Ecommerce Education

Pixelnamics is also proud to announce its role as the main sponsor for the eCommerce Growth Masterclass (EGMC), a bi-weekly educational initiative hosted by Vero and Jeremy. This partnership underscores Pixelnamics' commitment to not just offering services but also empowering the ecommerce community with the knowledge and tools for success.

The Story Behind the Name

The name Pixelnamics fuses 'Pixel,' symbolizing the digital world, with 'Dynamics,' representing fluidity and change. It encapsulates the brand's ethos of leveraging digital tools to create dynamic ecommerce solutions.

About Pixelnamics

Established in 2022, Pixelnamics (formerly known as VeroCoaches) is your one-stop solution for ecommerce success. With a proven track record in Shopify development and a new range of comprehensive ecommerce services, Pixelnamics is poised to redefine what it means to succeed in online business.

For Media Inquiries

For more details about Pixelnamics or to arrange an interview with Vero, please reach out to:

Verónica López

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