Selling on Shopify During BFCM

Selling on Shopify During BFCM

Why You Need to Sell on Shopify During Black Friday

With one of the biggest sales of the year — BFCM — fast approaching, eCommerce stores are striving to make their stores stand out to their customers. You don’t want to fall behind during this sales period.

Learn all about how you can use Shopify to make the most of this season and improve your profit margins.


What is BFCM?

Black Friday Cyber Monday, or BFCM, falls on — you guessed it — the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It is an important sale period for eCommerce stores as it kickstarts the Christmas shopping season.

Though it’s called BCFM, the sale itself starts on Black Friday, with Monday being the last day. This shopping period is critical for online stores to generate as many sales as they can before heading into the holiday season. Introduced in 2005 when eCommerce websites started getting popular, today BCFM is one of the busiest and most successful sale periods.


Why do You Need to Prepare for BFCM?

There is one simple reason for your online business to start preparing for BFCM — it is one of the biggest opportunities in the year to make money. And we’re talking big money here.

In 2021, during the BFCM sale, people with Shopify stores made a whopping $6.3 billion in sales. And that’s just with Shopify. It’s obvious that this sale period can help store owners maintain a hefty profit margin while walking into the holiday season.

When Black Friday starts approaching, Shopify stores start preparing for a tumultuous period to prepare for the upcoming BFCM madness. And during this phase, you don’t want to be left behind.


How to Sell on Shopify During BFCM?

You will first need to establish your eCommerce store on Shopify before going forward. If you already sell your product or service through Shopify, you will need to prepare for BFCM, and you will need to do it well in advance.

There are a lot of things that you will need to consider when preparing for the BFCM sale. To make things easier for you, here’s a detailed guide I have developed that you can follow to be well-prepared.

These are some of the key areas that you must focus on when selling on Shopify during BFCM:

  • Keep your products and inventory updated
  • Update the website design for BFCM
  • Try out new themes for your website
  • Create an appealing home and product page
  • Highlight the discounts — the main reason why people shop this season
  • Market your offers and business efficiently


Bottom Line

BFCM is a great opportunity for online business owners to attract new customers while also retaining old customers with incentives. With so many new insights available on consumer behavior during BFCM, it is important to make use of them and be prepared for the sale season.

To ensure that your Shopify store is prepared for every upcoming challenge, I offer one-on-one coaching and audit of your Shopify store to help you identify the key areas of improvement. I also offer web development services if you need to set up, redesign, or optimize your Shopify store.

If you want to take your Shopify store to the next level, make sure you book a consultation with me today!



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