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Veronica V Lopez

Monthly Retainer Plans

Monthly Retainer Plans

Elevate Your Shopify Experience with PixelNamics

Unlock the full potential of your online store with our comprehensive Shopify Development services. As a Shopify Master, I'm dedicated to elevating both new and existing Shopify stores with a fresh, meticulous approach, ensuring your e-commerce platform excels in every aspect. Start your journey with a FREE consultation, no commitment required, and discover the transformative possibilities for your Shopify store.

What We Offer:

  • Shopify Setup: Tailored to the uniqueness of your business, products, and customers. We handle everything from account setup to feature optimization and payment gateway selection.

  • Content Creation: Captivating product descriptions and compelling content for landing pages, policies, FAQs, and 'About Us' sections to engage and retain customers.

  • Visual Design: Custom, mobile-responsive design to elevate your brand and enhance user experience. We include two rounds of feedback to guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Development & Integration: Supercharging your store with essential apps for functionality, automation, marketing, and engagement.

  • SEO Integration: A visually stunning store, optimized for search engines to boost visibility and attract your target audience.

  • Launch & Support: We launch your meticulously tested Shopify store with your approval. Plus, enjoy a month of complementary Shopify support post-launch.

Introducing Our 'Retainer From Start' Plans:

3-Month Plan: Quick Boost

  • Ideal for immediate goals or seasonal projects.
  • Intensive support for rapid enhancement.
  • $1,600/month for transformative results.

6-Month Plan: Growth Accelerator

  • For consistent, ongoing growth.
  • Continuous support and development.
  • $830/month for sustained progress.

12-Month Plan: Ultimate Success

  • Comprehensive support for significant growth and scalability.
  • In-depth development for a lasting impact.
  • $450/month for long-term excellence.

All Retainer Plans Include:

  • Ongoing Shopify Setup: Continuous optimization for peak performance.
  • Dynamic Content Refresh: Regular updates to content and social media engagement.
  • Adaptive Visual Design: Regular design refreshes for a vibrant customer experience.
  • Development: Constant integration and updates of crucial apps.
  • Consistent Support: Unwavering assistance for smooth operations.
  • Marketing Email Strategies: Tailored strategies to boost engagement and drive sales.
  • Quarterly Strategy Sessions: Insights and planning for robust growth.

Transform Your Store with PixelNamics

Ready to take your Shopify store to the next level? Schedule a call to explore how our tailored 'Retainer From Start' plans can align with your business goals, propelling your e-commerce journey to new heights.

Schedule your call and embark on a transformative journey with PixelNamics, your partner in growth and success.

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